The Journey to a Little One to Call Our Own

One gal's experiences dealing with IF, pregnancy, the birth of our first son, parenthood, and doing it all over again with our second son... here is our journey.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Year

My little monkey was born one year ago.  

Yesterday was his birthday, and it was so incredibly crazy to reflect back on what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing.  After years of crappy infertility issues, we were blessed with this little miracle, and we had no idea how much he would change our lives.  In some ways, the year has flown.  But in so many others, it has been one hell of a year - one full of ups and downs, new memories, new experiences, lots of kisses, many emotions, several challenges, and more love than our hearts knew we could give.

We held his birthday party today with friends and family, and had a great time celebrating this little person who has filled so many people's lives with joy and love.

Happy birthday to my little Maxwell!

On the Baby #2 front, I am a bit over 16 weeks, and loving every moment of pregnancy.  I have  such a strong feeling that this baby is a boy... I feel and look the exact same way as when I was pregnant with Max.  Either way, we are truly excited.  Baby continues to grow and is starting to pop out more and more.  We have our regular monthly doctor appointment on Tuesday morning, and I am dying to hear that heartbeat.  I think I've felt baby fluttering around here and there, but until I can feel some good kicks, I just need that heartbeat reassurance.

I'll leave you with a picture of the one year old man of my life - taken a few days ago.  Hope everyone is well!

Mrs. D