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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Weekend Days

Wow... the weather here in MN has been GORGEOUS!  It was 92 degrees today, sunny with a warm breeze.  While Max took a nap this morning, I sat out and just soaked in the warmth.  I just love summer :)

Life has been good - it was a great weekend, and we're already on to a new week.  Crazy how the weekend days fly by.  I am usually so bummed on Sundays that tomorrow will start a new work week, but this week, I am ready to get the show on the road... only 5 days until our ultrasound!  I am just praying that our little bean is safe and sound in there, with a strong heart beating away.  I have a really busy, meeting-packed week, so I am hoping the time flies.

As far as symptoms go, I haven't felt super tired like I did during my first trimester with Max.  I am definitely a bit more tired, but I remember literally being exhausted and in bed by 7 pm the first time around.  Maybe it's because I don't have that option this time... I want to be awake in the evenings as long as possible so that I can spend time with my little man.  My boobs don't hurt nearly as much as I remember the first time, either... maybe it's because my boobs don't feel anything sensitive anymore after a breast reduction 10 years ago and attempted breastfeeding for a month?  Of course, I dwell on all of this... does my lack of symptoms (or lack-there-of) mean something bad?

I know every pregnancy is different, but I am driving myself crazy.  I just want to see our new little one and am praying that he/she is healthy, alive, and growing.

I'll post once I learn more after our Friday ultrasound.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and wherever you are, I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is here.

Mrs. D


  1. I am sure everything is fine! *crosses fingers* You're still so early on, I think the symptoms will creep up on you and one day *soon* you'll be like "this nausea/tender bbs/fatigue is kicking my trash!" Symptoms have to build with hormone levels. Can't wait for the ultrasound update!!! :)

  2. Wow what a great sounding weekend@

    I hope your second pregnancy goes well and is easy, you will need it with such am energetic little guy!!!!

  3. Can't wait to hear how your ultrasound goes on Friday!

  4. I'm sure everything will be great on Friday. I'm glad you are having wonderful weather and able to get out some to enjoy it!

  5. I haven't had any symptoms either besides being more tired than usual and it makes me nervous too. I hope everything goes well on Friday can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. I look forward to hearing about your u/s on Friday! Your beta's were so great, I am sure everything will be great on Friday! But I completely understand the nerves!!

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