The Journey to a Little One to Call Our Own

One gal's experiences dealing with IF, pregnancy, the birth of our first son, parenthood, and doing it all over again with our second son... here is our journey.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Full Term

Holy crap... how can I be 37 WEEKS pregnant already?!  Time has FLOWN by - way too incredibly fast.  I truly can not believe it.  I have been reflecting a lot on why I feel that time absolutely got away from me throughout this pregnancy, and here's the main reasons I can come up with: my mother's hospitalization and illness taking up 95% of my time during my first trimester, work being really busy, the fact that Mr. D and I had the main staples taken care of within the first 20 weeks or so (nursery done, bottles and baby items purchased, etc.), and... running after a 16-month old toddler every day.  Without even realizing it, my belly grew, the weeks progressed, and now here I am... days away from welcoming the newest little member to our family.

I am still feeling really good, although definitely starting to slow down.  It's hard to chase Max around, bend down multiple times a day, and find time to rest!  I never thought about the second pregnancy being different than the first, but boy was I not prepared... it's not easy to be a pregnant mother to a toddler.

Our C-section is still scheduled for January 30, and we are just PRAYING that our plans work out and baby stays put until then.  It's challenging to plan out what will be happening with Max while we are in the hospital - I have it almost all figured out... that is, if we truly go into the hospital to deliver on the 30th.  If he comes early, it is going to be crazy to figure out a Plan B quickly.  Luckily, both of our families are within 15 miles of us, so I know things would be fine, but, man, life would be so much easier if Baby Boy comes when planned!

I have confirmed by plans for a job-share when I return to work in May, which feels incredible.  I will work either M, T, W or W, Th, F - my job-share partner will work the other schedule and we will share the responsibility of one job.  I can not tell you how thrilled I am that my company approved this for me, my husband is supporting my decision, and I am able to move into this type of work/life situation.  Before having Max, one of my biggest concerns was going on maternity leave and returning to a full-time career.  Although I've made it work for over a year, and could absolutely continue to do so, I am so much more relaxed heading in to this maternity leave... I won't go back full-time.  I'll still get to work and enjoy my career and co-workers, but I'll have more time at home and most of all, more time with my sons.  So happy :)

Each day that passes means we are closer and closer to meeting this new little love of our lives, and for that, we feel so blessed.  We still have some major milestones to hit before taking home this little man, and we are praying that everything goes well and we are holding our new, healthy, little monkey in our arms very soon.


  1. Wow, that did go by sooo fast!

    I bet the pregnancy goes by faster, but is much more exhausting!!!!!!! I hope little guy sticks it out long enough for you all to achieve plan a!!!!!

    Keep us posted!

  2. Hope the next few weeks go by smoothly and that you make it to Jan 30th! I love reading the updates and hearing that all is well with your life. SO happy about your job! YAY!

  3. Oh wow, you are so close!! I am super jealous that you were able to work out a job share for after maternity leave. That would be the perfect scenario for me, but I know in my current job it won't happen. My boss wouldn't even let me go down to working 4 days a week after having Chloe. :( Can't wait to hear once your new little guy makes his arrival!

  4. I can't believe you are so close! Time certainly has flown by. I hope that baby stays put for your scheduled C so that you can have all the details in place :). And, I too, am jealous about your job share... What an awesome opportunity!

  5. So exciting!!! I love the moment when you hit full term, and can pack your hospital bag, and start making all those final plans! The excitement of the moment is unbelievable! Hoping the baby stays put until the 30th for you! And I'm so glad that your work was able to make the work share thing happen for you. That must feel like a huge weight off your shoulders!