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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Soon-to-Be New Best Friend: Lysol

Disclaimer: This post talks about puke.  A lot of puke.  You've been warned :)

We have been so blessed... in his 21 months of life, Max has never really gotten sick.  Sure, he's gotten a cold here and there, and a mild temp a couple of times, and got pink eye once, but he's never threw up and really felt sick.

Until last Saturday.

Mr. D, Max, Mason, and I were just finishing up a round of "Peace be with you" with fellow families in the crying room at church, when Max started coughing.  Moments later, projectile vomit flew out of his mouth.  I mean, the puke shot straight out of his mouth and landed on the floor, reaching about 5 feet in front of us (thank goodness we were in the front pew in the crying room with a huge running area ahead of us).

Mr. D and I looked at each other, and with huge eyes, bursted out laughing.  It was the most inappropriate response ever - especially in church as all of these families around us snapped their heads to see what the hell just happened - but we'd never seen anything like it.  Barf.  Everywhere.  And it came from our kid.  Max started screaming, Mr. D took him out of the crying room to get cleaned up, and I scrambled into Mason's diaper bag to see what could help clean up this situation.  

**Note to self: If this ever happens again in public, and I hope it does not... USE BABY WIPES.  I was using a thin blanket and some burp cloths to try and scoop up the puke, and another mom came over to me and suggested baby wipes... they worked way better.

Okay, so back to last Saturday.

Mr. D came back with Max and proceeded to tell me that Max threw up on the way to the bathroom and again in the sink in the bathroom.  We chalked it up to us giving him too many treats during church and headed for home.

Five minutes later, puke ALL over his carseat.  Mr. D and I heard him start coughing as we were in the car, I jumped in the backseat (I am sure that was a sight to see... me climbing over seats, bags and whatever-else to get in the backseat of our minivan), grabbed Mason's burp cloth, and proceeded to catch as much puke as I possibly could.

We got him home, into his high chair, and PUKE.  All over his high chair.

At this point, we were starting to think this wasn't just too many treats... maybe he was sick?

He threw up two more times - once in his crib ALL over his sheets, but then was fine.  

**Another note to self: It is heartbreaking to watch your kid throw up.  My poor, sweet little boy looked like he saw a ghost each time he started to throw up, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to make him feel better except to cheer him on and tell him what a great job he was doing.

So, the puking seemed to be over as of Saturday night.  That is, until 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.  I woke up, immediately ran to the bathroom, and threw up.  That was followed by a temporary relocation to the couch downstairs for the night and 18 more episodes of throwing up.  It was awful.  I was sore, tired, and out of anything else to throw up by 8:00 a.m.

I chalked it up to eating something bad on Monday night, until Mr. D came home from work yesterday and said he felt woozy.  Starting at 6:00 p.m., he was hung over the porcelain throne, puking.

What is it with illness?  How does it just spread from person to person?  Where does it come from?  And when is it finally going to leave?

Our house is currently a petri dish of germs.  Once Mr. D is over this nasty bug, the Lysol can and I are going to become best friends.

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  1. Oh no. Avery got the bug over Thanksgiving and it was terrible. She only threw up 3 times, but got lots of watery poop. I was throwing up for days.

    Thank goodness I think she is more of a pooper than a vomitter. I hope everyone gets better.