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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Couple Pictures...

Mr. D and Max are snuggled, sleeping skin-to-skin on the couch, so I thought I would take the opportunity to post a couple pictures...

Here is Max when he was about 12 hours old. I love this hat!

Max, asleep on my arm, at 4 days old - about 2 hours after we got home from the hospital.

Things are going REALLY well... we love Max to pieces and are loving our new roles as parents. It certainly is challenging, though - one of us is constantly doing something baby-related... feeding, changing, burping, cuddling, making bottles, doing another load of his laundry (holy cow - I was totally unprepared for how much laundry a baby goes through! We are averaging 2-3 loads a day). I seriously have NO idea how single parents or teenage mothers do it... Mr. D and I are loving it, but even as well-prepared as we were to have this little guy join us, it's a ton of work. It's so incredibly worth it :)

Max had his newborn pictures done today by a family friend and amazingly talented, well-known baby photographer in the Twin Cities. I will post some once we get access to the online gallery - should be a week or so.

Mrs. D


  1. He's gorgeous!!! Such a perfect little guy. :)

  2. he looks like an angel!!!!! absolutely perfect!! so happy for you and your family!