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Monday, January 23, 2012

Solids and a Winter Wonderland

Little Man tried solids for the first time last night! He started with rice cereal. At first he loved it... spoon went into his mouth and he gobbled it down without even tasting it. By the third spoonful, he realized that, although eating from a spoon was fun, he didn't like how it tasted. He would scrunch his face up in the same way as if you were forcing me to eat squash. Here's a pic:

And... after an extremely mild winter here in MN, snow has finally arrived. We received a few inches of white, fluffy snow last night and this morning... enough to mess up the morning commute. I decided to work from home today and not attempt the drive to and from work. The snow is beautiful, but after a few days, it gets old and I am officially ready for spring. Hoping that the spring time comes soon!

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