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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I am sitting at my dining room table, looking out at Mr. D spreading crabtree-weed killer on this dreary day.  Max is sitting about 5 feet away from me, playing with his massive pile of toys.  I am munching on some's Pita Chips (if you have never had them, you MUST pick them up... although pricey for pita chips, they are AMAZING) and just had my first sip of the evening of red wine.  Yes, it's only 4 pm - I am starting my personal happy hour a bit early today.  And it feels good.

So, lots to update.  Where to begin... well, since I am sipping on red wine, I guess we all can safely assume I'm not pregnant.  Actually, it's not an assumption at all.  I'm not pregnant.  It's CD46 for me... no AF, but no BFP either.  Not sure what the hell is going on - my body just can not regulate and give me a normal cycle.  I don't get it.  But, I guess abnormal is normal for me.  I'll give it another few days and call my OB for another prescription to give me AF back.  I just hate that I'll have to go in for blood work to prove I'm not pregnant before starting another cycle yet again.  It's such a slap in the face to do blood work when you know you're not pregnant.  Frustrating.

Max turned 8 months, and like every other newer-mother, I do not know where the time went.  He is all over the place - rolling, army-scooting, crawling, finger-walking, standing up on furniture... it's crazy.  He still has two teeth... so funny that they came in at 3 months and he hasn't gotten any more yet.  He is a little lover bug who says "da da da da" and nothing about "ma ma".  We're working on it :)

Life is busy... I finally feel that, in the last two months or so, we've struck a groove.  Mr. D and I are both totally back in the swing of things at work, working feels a part of us, and parenthood has fully become part of everything we do.  I am shocked that it took this long, but it was a process... getting accustomed to our new routines, fully embracing all of our changes... it was a long time coming.  BUT - it's awesome.  It works for us.  And we love everything about our new normal.

A few smaller, but fun updates:
- I convinced Mr. D that we need a trip to Vegas - YAY!  We're going with three other couples in September.
- Max's first plane ride will be in August - a trip to Washington DC for Mr. D's cousin's wedding.
- Max has eaten every kind of baby food Ger.ber has to offer - nothing this kid doesn't like.  He loves food!  This is why my 8 month old weighs 26 pounds :)

I'll post more soon - Max is getting antsy... dinnertime.  

Mrs. D


  1. Sorry about the psycho cycle. But I do hope you enjoy that wine fully! ;)

  2. I am sorry for the abnormal cycle. I am very familiar with those! Sounds like you are enjoying your afternoon and have some things to look forward to this year!!

  3. Sorry for your wacky cycle! I hope your body finds it's groove soon! And no judgment here for starting your happy hour early ;).

  4. Bummer about this cycle. It would be nice if our bodies worked when we wanted them too! Sounds like Max is growing and becoming a little man with all his activity!

  5. Sorry about your crazy cycle.

    I'm glad things are going well for you all!

    I hope you have to stop drinking the red wine soon!!!

  6. I'm right there with ya on the crazy cycles. I was really hoping the pregnancy would make them more consistent, and they were at first, but I'm slower reverting back to longer cycles...sigh. Chloe is 8 months too and I think this is our must fun month yet! I bet at this point every month will just get better and better as they get more active. Have a great time on your trip to Vegas! That sounds like so much fun!

  7. thanks mrs. d for checking on me..... i looked for your email address... i thought i had it. anyways, im ok. just need a break. from all of it.
    that last cycle rocked me.
    if you want, email me. im just not ready to be blogging again. it makes me sad.