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Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Updates

Ugh, I've been a horrible blogger! I check in on all my favorite blogs, but have been a bad commenter and bad poster to my own blog.

Lots has happened since last time I posted! Here are a few updates:
  • Max is growing... big time. He is a big boy - he's over 7 months, 24 pounds, and loves every kind of food we've given him. He loves oatmeal, and has eaten every veggie and fruit. He just wants more. My pediatrician is okay with us continuing to feed him - he's proportionately a big kid... chunky, tall, big head, big feet, big hands. I am afraid of my future grocery bills when he is a teenager.
  • Work is good - and life is CRAZY! I guess I wouldn't want it any other way. I am out of the house by 6:30 a.m., working by 7:30, in meetings ALL DAY, leave at 4:00, pick up Max, feed, play and bathe him before he's in bed by 8:00 p.m. Mr. D and I jump back online after Max is in bed to finish up work. Every-other night, I wash my hair (saves a good 30 minutes in the morning), and we are off to bed. In between, I execute our "Family Routines" list (i.e.: laundry on Tuesdays, garbages on Wednesdays, clean floors on Thursdays, clean bathrooms on Fridays, etc.) and snuggle Max. It's a crazy, but awesome, schedule! I finally feel, after 7 months, that we are in the groove. It works for us.
  • It is CD26 for me. Mr. D and I did everything possible to make Baby #2 this month, and let me tell you, it is surreal to start the process of trying to get pregnant again. Tracking ovulation, thinking about BDing at the right time, wondering when to take a pregnancy test... it's so weird to be thinking about all of this stuff again. Mid-cycle, I mentioned something about purchasing more CBFM test sticks to Mr. D, and he looked at me like a deer in headlights after saying, "What? I haven't heard about this stuff for how long, and you expect me to understand what you just said?" I don't blame him... I had to re-educate myself, too. But, game on. I am not sure if I ovulated this month... my CBFM never showed a peak, but I could tell something was happening with my body. I've always ovulated late, so I know I have at least a week before I could test. Here's hoping we made a baby!
  • I am SO GLAD it was a mild winter. Spring is definitely on its way, and I love the weather. Both of our families go to Florida for spring break each year, and this year, we didn't go, but we didn't need to - the winter was so mild that I never craved southern weather. Summer, here we come!
I'll post more in the next week once I am closer to figuring out when/if to test. Hope everyone is well and having a great week!

Mrs. D


  1. Ooh, how exciting that you are trying for #2! I think it will be weird for me too to start up all the monitoring stuff when we're ready. I hope you get a BFP off the first try! How awesome would that be?!

  2. Emily is so big too!! At least they are proportionate right? Good luck with #2, I will have to re-educate myself when the time comes, who knew you could forget everything so fast!

  3. So glad to hear from you!
    That is one busy routine!
    I hope #2 is all ready cooking!!!!

  4. My kids are giants, especially my boy. LOL. I love it! Keep feeding him and as my husband says, maybe he'll be in the NFL on day. ;) You're amazing for having a routine again. I'm so bad. My routine every day consists of alternately taking care of the kids and trying to clean the room that happens to be the most dirty that day. It would be easy if my 4 year old didn't walk along behind me and get all the toys BACK out that I just put away. *sigh* I need to start temping and charting too... not to TTC yet, but to just know where I am so I can time sex to avoid pregnancy for a few months... and then hit the ground running once we are ready. I think I'm on something like CD45! Ha! Stupid PCOS. :) But good luck and I can't wait until you test!!!

  5. I'm with's so weird to be trying for baby #2. It's brought back all those yucky uncertain feelings again. YUCK, but SO worth it!