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Thursday, October 4, 2012

To 'C' or Not to 'C'... That is the Question


Definitely not the way I expected Max's birth to end, but after nearly 30 hours of labor and only dilating to a 5, it was a done deal.

I never started Max's labor thinking that it would end in a C-section, but, after being in labor for that long with my cervix starting to swell and actually do the opposite of dilating, there wasn't much of a choice.

And, truly... it was not bad at all.  The C-section itself, the recovery afterwards... it all was not how the books paint the picture.  I was warned about picking my newborn up too quickly, climbing stairs, exercising... you name it.  But the first day home from the hospital, I climbed our 16-stair staircase up to the nursery, back downstairs, and repeated a few times... not painful at all.  I was back to running a few miles within a couple weeks after the surgery... again, not a big deal.

So, my Doctor has asked me the question about my preferences for this birth.  Do I prefer to attempt delivery, or should we schedule a C-section?

No hesitation here: sign me up for another C-section.

We made this decision very early on in my pregnancy for a few reasons.  First, the chances that I could actually progress and deliver this time are lower than the average mother.  A lot of VBACs result in an eventual emergency surgery (especially those that occur within a few years of the first time the mother had a C-section), and I'd prefer not to be rushed into emergency surgery because the baby is having trouble, my uterus ruptures, or anything else.

Second, my baby will stay inside of me - stress-free - as long as possible before I am cut open and he is brought into this world.  So many benefits to that.

And, third... this one may be selfish... Mr. D and I think it sounds INCREDIBLY peaceful to wake up early, have plans for who is going to watch Max, have everything situated, drive to the hospital, have a quick surgery, and by mid-morning, be snuggling with our new little baby.  Maybe it's because I am a crazy planner, but I think it sounds amazing to have everything planned out and know what and when to expect everything to go down...

... which is why I went ahead and scheduled Baby #2's big arrival date.  I will pause here and say the most eerie thing about having a repeat C-section is scheduling your child's birthday... kind of weird.

Our C-section is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30 at 7:30 a.m.  I need to be at the hospital by 5:45 for surgery prep, and baby will be born by 9:00.  I will be out of recovery by 10:00, and Mr. D and I plan to be sipping on coffees and enjoying our new bundle by mid-morning.

Of course, our little man may choose to come early (although I doubt it... Max was 4 days late, and was not even ready to come yet) - at which time, we'd need to decide if we want to try a VBAC or do an emergency C-section. I am not sure what I would do at that point... not even sure I need a plan for that situation.  If it happens, we'll see what my body is doing at the time, and decide from there.

I know so many people have different opinions on this, but thought I would share my plan.  As long as our little man enters the world safely, that's all I can pray for.


  1. I'm totally with you. But my first labor was 28 hours before they called it, and I was all "it's about time!" LOL. I really wanted to try a vbac with my second, but I had a few friends (who I personally know) who have ruptured during vbac. The worst one, her first child was emergency c, then two vbacs, and on her last child she had a rupture during vbac and the doctor was all "I have 30 seconds before you both die" and sliced her open without any pain meds at all. She's a good friend that I worked with for about 7 years, and I knew her when it happened. Still gives me nightmares. She's just grateful they're both alive, me, I know it's a small chance, but having seen it up close... NO THANK YOU! :P Anyway, the most awkward thing for me with my 2nd c-section was that they shaved my lady bits while I was totally awake and not drugged. I felt like a poodle sitting there, with some lady with an electric razor going to town on me. Haha. I guess they don't go down too far, but it was still very strange. But the good news, recovery from a second c-section is about twice as easy and fast. Seriously, it was SO MUCH easier. I still feel sad about "missing out" on labor, but mainly I'm glad we're all here safely. **sorry for the novel.** ;)

  2. I say do what works for you, and it sounds like this is a perfect plan for you and your family. January 30th sounds like a wonderful birthday to me! :)

  3. Do whatever is easiest for you and you family. I think it would be nice to know when your baby is coming! I didn't have a c-section, and honestly if I did have to have one, I would be scared to death just because the books do make it sound so painful and exhausting. Glad things are going well for you and baby boy!