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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Weeks!

What a milestone! We're so excited to be here at 30 weeks. The time has absolutely flown. Let me take that back... Weeks 4-12 were SUPER slow, weeks 12-16 were kind of slow, weeks 16-20 started to speed up, weeks 20-24 went pretty quickly, and I've barely remembered the past 6 weeks.

Only 10 weeks or less to go, and we have a TON of stuff to do. Here's my weekly rundown...

Best Moment of the Week: Hitting 30 weeks. It feels like we are running a triathlon, and finally arriving at the last event. From here on out, it's baby prep time... 3 baby showers, buying the last details, getting everything situated at work to take time away.

Entertaining Question/Comment of the Week: "You look so small for 30 weeks!" It's kind of a nice comment in a way, and a hurtful one in another way. On one hand, I know I am not a large, super-pregnant looking lady. I've took really good care of my body, gained maybe 10 pounds, and have a very long torso (my height is 5'7")... so, of course the baby is popping out, but not around my hips. I love how my baby is positioned on me. On the other hand, whenever I hear a comment to this effect, I wonder, "should I be bigger?" My Doctor says no, that I am on the right track and measuring/gaining perfectly. I should be able to lose the baby weight fast. So, I guess I'll take the words of my Doctor instead of random commenters.

Obsessions: Making lists. Mr. D and I have a "Baby Planning" meeting on Saturday morning at the local coffee shop to complete all of the to-do lists. I am pretty organized in nature, but preparing for a baby is kind of on a whole new level. We need to just sit down and dedicate a good hour to listing out everything so we can start executing the list items.

What I am Most Looking Forward to This Week: Starting my Doctor appointments every two weeks for the next few weeks, and then moving to weekly appointments. It means we are getting closer! Also, I seem to have a lot of questions this time around, so I am looking forward to gaining some insight.

Also, Mr. D and I get to take a tour of the hospital tomorrow night during Baby Class #3 - we are both looking forward to getting acquainted with everything :)

What I Miss the Most: It was tough not to drink last weekend... our annual cabin weekend with friends. I ended up being designated driver, which I don't mind, but basically I was around 7 drunk people for the majority of the weekend.

Symptoms: Okay, so I can officially say that I've reached my first major, horrible pregnancy symptom (everything up until this point has been very mild and not a big deal)... SWELLING. We live in Minnesota, and we had a spike in temperature over the weekend from the mid-70s to the 100's. No lie, my car thermometer showed 105 degrees at 5 p.m. today (which means not only was it hotter around noon, but it also FELT way hotter). So, guess what comes with major heat and a pretty decent sunburn from being on the lake this past weekend? Swollen ankles, knees, and legs. Oh, yeah, and it's not pretty. I actually left work yesterday at 2 p.m. because I could no longer walk... my feet were ballooning out of my shoes. I called my Doctor, and I know it's a normal side effect of heat and my uterus getting heavier and pushing fluid down my legs, but HOLY CRAP. Talk about cankes. NOT PRETTY.

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  1. Awww, I have family in Minnesota and everyone assumes it is cold there, but they have some crazy hot summers!! Good luck to you on the swelling!!
    Congrats on 30 weeks!