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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

29 Weeks!

I am a couple days late with my weekly update... Mr. D and I were busy bees this weekend! We finished the nursery to the best of our abilities, which feels awesome. We are waiting on bedding, a rug, and our chair, but the walls are painted, furniture is in, and crib assembled. Every milestone reminds me how much closer we are getting to welcoming this little guy to the world, and it's mind-boggling. So much left to do, but we'll get it done.

Here's my 29 week update:

Best Moment of the Week: Starting baby classes. We have so much to learn, and it's nice that Mr. D and I have dedicated time as a couple for the next several weeks to sit down and focus on learning what we need to know.

Oh, and receiving our Pack & Play and some fun gifts from our registry in the mail! We've received a few gifts here and there, but we received a huge package on our front steps last week - gifts from my aunt & uncle. So fun!

Entertaining Question/Comment of the Week: "Are you sure you don't want to cloth diaper?" Oh, yes. Quite positive, actually. Women who decide to do it are no different than women who decide not to... totally a preferential thing in my opinion. But not only is it quite the process, but it's not a solution to waste in landfills... there are equally as many environmental reasons to NOT cloth diaper as other options. Totally a personal choice, and I don't think anything less (or more) of people who cloth diaper, but I know it's not for me.

Obsessions: Figuring out how the heck to lay at night in bed. It's impossible to get comfortable, but I'm not complaining. It's just awkward. I feel like I've tried everything. Overall, I am a pretty hard sleeper, so I am not really losing sleep by not being positioned comfortably, but it is kind of annoying.

Also, trying to figure out butt vs. head or foot vs. arm when little man moves around.

What I am Most Looking Forward to This Week: Baby Class #2, and taking Friday off work. Mr. D and I are headed to our annual cabin weekend with 3 other couples, and it is always a blast. Last year, I wrote two posts about our cabin weekend - it was interesting for me to reflect back to how I was feeling by reading this post and this post. It will certainly will be different this year being pregnant :) And, the weather is supposed to be AWESOME - sunny, hot, and high 80's.... bring on the sun!

What I Miss the Most: I know I will miss drinking this weekend... it's usually a weekend full of lots of beer and fun drinks. I am already stocked up on non-alcoholic sparking grape juice :)

Symptoms: Uncomfortable sleeping and starting to get slight back-aches in my lower back. Still nothing really to complain about... not sure I would complain anyway. Overall, I love being pregnant :)


  1. Congrats, 29 weeks is sooo great!!!
    Enjoy your trip, I find the only time I miss alcohol is on vacation!
    Yay for the nursery, when it is all done, please post pics, I would LOVE to see it!

  2. thinking of you......hoping all is well.
    can't believe the time has flown by so fast. soon your litle man will be in your arms