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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do I Look Pregnant, or Just Fat?

Back from the cabin. I was re-reading my last post, and I guess I owe myself $5, because I haven't peaked yet. This is the first and only time I will say this... thank goodness I did not O over the weekend. It took a lot of pressure off me to figure out how I was going to grab Mr. D and make sure we were doing our best to attempt. We actually didn't BD at all at the cabin, which was just fine with both of us... it would have been interesting to attempt sex on a creaky, old cabin bed. I much prefer my own bed.

The weekend was okay, although the sun never popped out under the thick clouds. We were with 3 other couples - two of which are currently expecting (one is who I just went to a baby shower for, and the other was the one who announced her pregnancy to friends during the baby shower... I wrote about that lovely experience in an earlier post). Momma-to-be #1 is about to pop - I think her due date is June 19, so I got to hear all about how life is going to change so much for them in a couple weeks and "oh my gosh, what if my water broke at the cabin?", and on-and-on-and-on. She actually was pretty calm over the weekend, and I am excited for her to welcome her son in the next couple weeks.

Momma-to-be #2 was flat-out annoying, and asked me straight out at least two times, "Do you think I look fat or do I look pregnant?" She's at that awkward stage of being somewhere around 16 weeks, so you could really go either way. My first - polite - answer to that stupid question was, "Oh, I think you look fine - by the way, I really like your shirt" - total line of BS. Mr. D read right into that one as I caught him smirking. When she asked me the same question a couple hours later, when I had a few cocktails down, my response was a bit more irritated. I think I said something to the effect of, "Did you just seriously ask me that again? I don't know if you look fat or pregnant. Who cares?" Maybe that wasn't the nicest response, but I couldn't help it. That was only night #1 up at the cabin, and I was already sick of her ensuring the waiter brought her "VIRGIN bloody marys" and explaining to the waiter that she and the other woman are expecting. Barf. I can see myself being that excited and talking to Mr. D about it, but in front of other couples? Annoying.

I was exhausted this weekend. I think all of the pressure of TTC, monitoring, testing, etc. is really making me tired. On top of listening to pregnant women gush about how excited they are as they rest their hands on their bellies, I was not in the mood to party. I was in bed each night by 10:00 - beating both pregnant women and the others to bed each night. I didn't care. I needed rest.

So, still waiting on the big O. It really should be here any day now, so Mr. D and I had our little fun this afternoon after getting back from the cabin. Given I was on Clomid 100 mgs this month, I would be shocked if I don't O, but of course now I am second-guessing everything. Oh, well, it will all happen in due time.

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