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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Low, low, low, high, high, high... PEAK

It has arrived, my friends. No, not AF (come on now, who would be excited about that?) .... the big O.

CBFM and I had a little heart-to-heart this morning before I peed on a stick and plugged it in. It was basically a plea to my beloved CBFM, hoping that I am not crazy, and those were in fact ovulation cramps yesterday that I was feeling.

I was right. Peak!

Of course, it was a SUPER busy day for me at work today. Since starting my new job 6 weeks ago, I have had pretty much one project... that all culminated with a huge presentation today in front of people who I planned a 3-day meeting for. Lots of important people in attendance, including a couple of high-ups in the field who flew here to participate. My boss, my boss' boss, and my boss' boss' boss were there to support (I mean, critique) me. I was in work by 7 a.m., and just got home now (8 p.m. CST), as there were social hours and dinner after the big day.

The day was awesome. Seriously, I nailed it and my boss was there to witness it. She was thrilled, and I was proud of myself. It was awesome.

But what was I thinking all day during this defining moment in my career?

"I need to get home ASAP to BD. I wonder if I should see if I can somehow go home over lunch and then come back?"

At 7:30 p.m., after dinner with my out-of-town business visitors and team, I race home, wondering the whole ride home how long it will take me to unbutton my pants and slip out of my bra.

I arrive home. Shit. Totally forgot that Mr. D has softball. I couldn't help but laugh - seriously, this whole escapade of planning is crazy!

I just called Mr. D's parents (where our dog is for the day, so I know Mr. D has to stop there before coming home), and told them to have Mr. D call me as soon as he gets there so I know what time he will be home (his cell phone battery died). My father-in-law was like, "Why? Are you okay? What's wrong?" I just shook my head and repeated my request to have Mr. D call.

So, I am at home, waiting patiently for my Mr. D. He knows it's peak, and we have at least one more BD session to do - if not one more tomorrow night. That way, all bases are covered.

Two week wait, here I come.

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