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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Comic Relief

Mr. D went in for his big show this afternoon. Poor guy. I was rolling laughing when I received an e-mail today around 2 p.m. that had a subject line of "Mission Completed."

When I got Mr. D on the phone, he quickly, ever-so-kindly, reminded me that I didn't give him the testing orders from my Doctor. Basically, with the testing orders, he could have walked in, been given a cup in 2 seconds, and proceeded.

I TOTALLY forgot about the testing orders. My Doctor had recommended he complete the test months ago... right around the time of my miscarriage, to be able to confirm or deny Mr. D's connection to the reason we're not able to conceive and carry. I remember her saying, "Make SURE you bring the testing orders along so that the process goes smoothly and you can get right in." Mr. D was at that appointment, too, so how both of us forgot, I am not sure.

So, what could have been a 2 minute check-in process for Mr. D turned into a big ordeal at the lab. They needed to confirm his identity, set him up as a patient, and get all of his stuff figured out. With a stern face as we were driving home from work, he tells me that the nurse had to call the central office, provide his name, and keep repeating the fact that he was there for a "semen analysis for infertility" in front of all of the patients and nurses.

I felt so bad, but was totally laughing. How freaking hilarious is that?! I can totally see this happening - right in front of other people and nurses who were like, "ooooh, I wonder what that's all about."

I kept reminding him that guys go in there all the time and to the nurse staff, you are just another face. They deal with this stuff all the time. But I still couldn't stop from giggling.

Big day for me tomorrow... wish us luck!

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