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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's cycle day 15, and no peak yet. I always get a little nervous around this cycle day each month... are we BD'ing enough? Am I allowing enough time between "sessions"? Am I going to O this month? It turns into a game of planning... calendars, schedules, tests, everything. If my calculations are correct, I should be ovulating on Saturday or Sunday.

A few months ago, we found out that the annual trip we do each year with our friends up north (imagine cabins, a lake, pontoon, bars that are on the lake.... it's so much fun) has been scheduled for this weekend. Great. That means that, between the beers, outdoor time, BBQs, and time spent with friends, I will need to whisper in Mr. D's ear that "it's time", and we get to quietly BD on a old-school cabin full-size bed with itchy sheets and a horrible mattress. All this time, we will be doing our best to not make any noise and make it quick... after all, our friends will be thinking, "are they seriously getting it on in there?" Embarrassing.

Hopefully the big O surprises me and shows up early - as in, tomorrow or Friday. Or, I would be equally as happy if the big O showed up on Monday or Tuesday. But, just my luck, I will put $5 on the fact that my lovely CBFM will show that beautiful, holy peak right when we are ready to jump on the pontoon for the day. Mr. D is prepared and knows that I am expecting to O this month at the worst time possible, but we are totally at the point of just shrugging our shoulders. All of our meticulous planning hasn't got us anywhere yet, so maybe by just letting it happen this month, it will work to our benefit!

The every-other night BD thing is working really well so far (or, at least, allowing 48 hours between BDs). Without giving too much detail, I will just leave it at that. The experts know what they are talking about when they advise to give your man a day to "rest".

Here's to a peak.... soon!!

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