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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nowhere to Be Found

That's where AF is.

Last time she arrived on the scene was 12/23. And she never returned.

Back in my 20's, this would have been a blessing. A godsend. But now? It's just a pain in the ass. When is she going to return? Is my body still screwed up from having a child over 6 months ago? Will I ever ovulate and have a cycle normally?

Nope, not pregnant. Just missing my old enemy AF.

Please come back, AF. I know I spent the majority of the past 4 years cursing your name, but it's time you and I get back on the same page. I miss you. Hell, every single time I go to the bathroom, I wonder if you'll show up again. I need you. I desperately want you to come back into my life so I can plan life events around you... maybe even plan Baby #2. I know, I know... for a long time, I never, ever wanted to see you again. But now it's different. I realize how important you are in my life. I need you to come back - regularly, please - so that I can put a plan together. Thank you.

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  1. have you had any bloodwork done?? or asked the doc about it??
    maybe a little provera can kick start things for you??