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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AF... Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...

Thanks for the thoughts on my last post, ladies. I love thinking about things differently, and all of your comments about sibling spacing made me sit back and think about different points of view. So, thank you :)

Dr. C called me back on Friday afternoon. Well, actually her nurse did. She said as long as I am done breastfeeding (I chuckled a bit when she said this... not only did I quit at 3 weeks because of Max's stomach issues, but there would be no WAY I would still be breastfeeding at this point) and am not pregnant (again, I chuckled... as if I would be so lucky), she would prescribe Provera. And, so, on Sunday afternoon, I picked up my prescription and started my once-a-day dosage for 10 days.

Cheers to AF arriving in the next few weeks. Cue the tampons.


  1. Sounds like me a month ago. I had a 98 day cycle that finally came with provera! Hope the provera does the trick for you! Best wishes!!! ( i too would have chuckled as we only b/f for 2 months).

  2. I'm so glad they gave it to you! Now, AF get your butt in gear already! Lol Best of luck!

  3. Yay! Let's get this party this period started anyway. ;)