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Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Let's Let Mommy Go Blog"

I had been holding Max this afternoon for an extended period of time... usually Mr. D and I take turns handing him off and letting the other have some time. Not that I don't love holding him, but I needed a little break. So, Mr. D came up to me, put his arms out for Max and said, "Come on, buddy, let's let Mommy go blog."

Love it :)

So, here I am, catching up on my bloggie friends' blogs and enjoying a glass of red wine.

I am on day 6 of Provera, still 4 more to go. No sign of AF yet, I fully expect her this week. I bought new batteries so I can fire up the fertility monitor on day 1 of my cycle. I am planning on just trying to figure out my pattern - or lack there of - this month. Hopefully I ovulate and things start going back to "normal" in my body. We'll see :)

I'll leave you with a picture... this is my little Maxwell at the Dr.'s office for his 6 month check-up on Thursday (I was a couple weeks late with his appointment). This was before he received 3 shots in his legs... poor pumpkin. He continues to be 95th percentile for height and weight, and is now 85th percentile for head circumference. He is our chunky, chubby, healthy baby :)

Happy weekend!


  1. What a cutie! who doesnt love a chubby baby???

  2. Awwww!! What a cute picture!! Hope AF comes for you this week!! You have such a sweet DH!! It is definitely important to have a little "me" time!! I am glad you are able to do that for each other!!

  3. So cute!!! Look at those cheeks! My little E is about the same size, but her 6m appt isnt for another week. You're so lucky... my husband is all like "are you blogging again? do you even know her? won't she think it's creepy that a stranger comments?" LOL. Totally doesn't get it.

  4. Precious! I wish you the best of luck this cycle!

  5. He is so adorable! Seriously, what a sweetie! I hope AF shows up soon. Mine has been so whacky post partum, I hope you have better luck :).

  6. Now that's a good husband!! He is so adorable- I love those cheeks!

  7. Now that's a great husband - takes the baby so you can blog...awesome! I've got a blue eyed, rosy cheeked baby just like you, they are the best aren't they? :)

  8. How adorable!! Love the rosy cheeks! Good luck with your cycle. My babe was born Aug 31, 2011... i want to try for #2 but am nowhere near ready. Hats off to you!