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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a Beautiful Life

Sitting on my couch, watching The Bachelor - I can NOT believe he picked Courtney. I barely even watch this show, but I know enough to know that she is crazy. Grrrr.... not that I thought his other choice was his soul mate, but Courtney?! Seriously?

Anyway, I've been a good blog follower, but lacked in the comment department in the past several days... I will be commenting yet tonight and tomorrow!

Here are a few updates:

- AF finally arrived. Oh, the joys :) No complaints, though - this is exactly what I wanted. I took Provera for 10 days, and, like clockwork, AF came on Day 10. I am on CD5, planning on tracking this cycle. Not sure if we'll "give it our all" and try to get pregnant this month, but at least it's good to track and see if I even ovulate. Maybe I am so nonchalant about it because I am totally envisioning this taking a long time again. Hopefully I am wrong :)

- Max is amazing. Two teeth, popping in a third, rolling/scooting all over the place, prefers to stand and have his hands held while he walks, can sit by himself for quite some time. He's eating oatmeal, rice, all fruits, and all veggies. No food he doesn't like. This is why he is 22 pounds. He's a big boy! We are getting pictures done on Friday - I'll post as soon as I have them!

- I LOVE this weather! Here in MN, we hit 60 degrees today, and 70 degrees is forecasted this week. LOVE IT!

- More to come this week... it's been busy around here, so sorry for my lack of updates. I will post soon!

Mrs. D


  1. yea 4 getting a f!!
    I can't wait for spring either! well he is getting so big so fast 22lbs!!

  2. now it's time to get down to business! I hope this happens sooner than you think! I can't wait to see pics of Max!

  3. All these babes are poppin' out teeth left and right lately! We have had amazing weather in KC lately too and I can't wait for spring/summer.

  4. Oh I love chubby babies! I hope you post pics soon. :) So glad the provera worked for you. I can see how you'd like to avoid the full madness for a while though. It does get tough. After 5 years of TTC, my husband was like, do we really have to bd? LOL. Not a good sign.

  5. Yay for AF showing up, as sucky as she is! Sounds like you don't have a picky eater which is amazing! Especially since he loves veggies! We are trying to get Aiden to like green beans, but we've tried it at least 10 times and he still spits it out! :-)