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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still So Tempting

I am 8DPO (or 7DPO, depending on how I calculate) today.  I was trying so, so, so hard to hold off, but it was like an out-of-body experience... as if I was dreaming, I grabbed an HPT right when I got up and peed.  Negative.  I know it's too early to test, but I was hoping for that glimmer of a positive line.  
But, no.  
Those dang tests are so tempting.


  1. It's true. I'm am addicted to those things. The only way I can have any illusion of control over this hpt addiction is... I ask my husband first. He always says no, unless I'm 2 weeks past the 2ww and still no AFV. But I vomit all of my emotional "what ifs" and drama at him, and I feel better. He helps me hold off on POAS... and eventually I go and do it anyway. LOL. But I swear, it saves me from doing it for at least a day or two. :)

  2. It is tempting...hang in there hopefully in a few more days you will get a BFP! I hate being patient, the 2 WW is seriously the longest time ever!

  3. I hope you get a BFP!!!!
    My BFP didn't show until 13 dpo