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Thursday, March 17, 2011

One More Day to Wait...

I really can't believe tomorrow is March 18... the day of our Level 2 Ultrasound. I scheduled this appointment back in the beginning of January, when my Doctor's office wanted to get all appointments set up through the second trimester. I didn't think I would make it to this point - I didn't even book time off at work or add it to calendars until recently. I expected the worst and never thought we'd see this day.

But, tomorrow it is! We are praying that our kid is healthy and all measurements check out okay. And... we are praying and hoping that our baby's legs are in a great position for the big reveal... boy or girl. I can not wait. :)

Vote on our poll at the top of my blog... what do you think? Boy? Girl?

I'll post tomorrow with results. :)


  1. I am thinking boy!
    Good luck, I am hoping that baby has its legs ready to show its stuff!!!!

  2. How exciting! Yeah - me too: I didn't have my scan for next week written into my calendar either! All the best for a good peeking position!