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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Club

If you're just starting to TTC or have already successfully carried and delivered a baby, you really have no idea what it's like to be in The Club. Please trust those of us who struggle, count yourselves extremely lucky that you don't know what it's like to associate with The Club.

You probably have a tough time understanding or associating with us, and it's okay. We understand. And, for those of you who have offered genuine support to those of us who struggle, thank you.

Over a year ago (realistically, more like two years ago), I didn't know what to do - emotionally, in my heart-of-hearts - when we started to realize that we were having issues trying to have a baby. I turned to the internet as a dazed, confused, hurt, emotional wreck, for support.

And, oh my goodness, did I find support. That's when I realized the power and support of The Club, and how much I had in common...

We want nothing more in life than children.

We want to experience the feeling of seeing a positive pregnancy test and keeping that new life alive inside of us.

We want to share in the secrecy of the miracle with our significant other, and embrace in the future we already can see with our amazing gift.

We want to take pre-natal vitamins because we actually have a new life inside of us, not just because we are trying to have a baby.

We want to share the news with our friends and family when the time is right... and share in their excitement.... oh, how I've personally longed for that moment.

We want to see an ultrasound with a baby inside our body and shed tears when we see the first heartbeat.

We want to feel the "butterfly" feelings that all of our friends have told us about, who, by now, have already experienced such joy... sometimes several times.

We want to decorate a nursery and buy baby clothes, furniture, and bottles.

We want to register at Target, Babies R Us, and all the other baby stores.

We want to have a baby shower... for us, this time - not one that we throw for others.

We want to carry a baby to term.

We want to experience contractions.

We want to see our significant other get nervous as we tell them "honey, it's time" as we grab our already-packed overnight bag and rush to the hospital.

We want to deliver our child and hold them for the first time.

We want to name them and tell everyone about the birth of our new little one......

We want nothing more than to be parents.

My hope is that more women find out about us... this amazing club that has oh-so-helped-me-with-my-sadness.

It helps to write everything down, blog, and have others soak in my feelings... and I hope I have been that for others who may be struggling.

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