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Friday, December 17, 2010

Have a Little Faith

I heard the most appropriate song on the radio when I was at work today. I literally stopped what I was doing at my desk, stared at my computer monitor, and pretended to read a long e-mail. The song was, "Have a little faith... have a little faith in me." It totally hit home.

I have been trying so hard NOT to get excited, but I am starting to realize that I will obviously do everything in my earthly control to protect this little one. But everything ultimately is part of God's plan, and it's out of my hands. I just need to trust. I need to have a little faith. :)

So, I am feeling a bit more relaxed and definitely allowing myself to be more excited. It's real and I am pregnant!

My doctor called today and ordered another ultrasound for next week - yay! She said that the first ultrasound was early and she really wants to be able to detect a heartbeat to ensure we are in a good place. Mr. D and I have the day off on Thursday, 12/23, so I scheduled our appointment for 1:00 p.m.

If we do see/hear the heartbeat, we are considering telling our parents at Christmas, since the chance of miscarriage dramatically decreases after that important milestone. I am still skeptical about this... we ended up telling my parents at the beginning of my first pregnancy, as we were going to Mexico with them the next week (they needed to know why I would be declining margaritas), and we ended up having to tell them that we lost the baby. It was terrible.

I am still stuck on waiting until 12 weeks, but if we do hear/see a heartbeat, maybe we would share during the holidays only with our parents. Thoughts from my blog friends? Wait or share?


  1. Having just had a m/c myself, I feel like when I do get a BFP again, I will be extremely reluctant to tell anyone. However, both sets of parents were the only ones who knew this time, and somehow it's easier to explain to family than to friends/acquaintances. That being said, I will find it VERY hard not to tell. It's just such exciting news and you want to share good news with people you love! I soo hope this is your sticky baby!

  2. Thanks, Allison! I know... I've been there, done that, too, and I am so freaked out that the whole m/c thing will happen again. I think we are going to wait until further along. Thanks for your thoughts!