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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patiently Waiting...

My fill-in Dr.'s nurse called today. My real Dr. was on maternity leave until Monday, so I was working with her temporary fill-in Dr. last week. Progesterone level from my blood test last Thursday was great, so fill-in Dr. advised to discontinue use of progesterone suppositories. It makes me a little nervous to stop using them, as I've been thinking that they've been helping keep baby safe, but I was reminded that too much isn't good either.

Then I asked her about another beta, thinking that I would go in this week to test again. She told me, "No, that won't be necessary. We have on record that you are pregnant with a 55 HSG."

So, then she's like, "So, since you are about 1 week pregnant, go ahead and set up an initial appointment on week 10 or so."

Ahhhh.... what?

I tried to explain my dates... yes, my last AF was 10/23, but I am sure I ovulated on 11/18 or so, which would put me right around 4.5, almost 5 weeks. AND... my real Dr. had told me months ago that once I got pregnant, to call her, and she would ensure we test HSG to ensure it rises appropriately and do an early ultrasound.

So, she told me that she'd call me back. A few hours later (4 to be exact, but who's counting), she called and told me that my Dr. ordered another HSG test for me to complete this week. She wants to see me hit 2,000 before an early ultrasound. So, if I am not at 2,000 later this week (not sure I will be), I am supposed to go back next week and keep testing until I hit 2,000. Then, I can schedule my ultrasound... thankfully, before Christmas :)

So, I feel much better. We keep patiently waiting and praying that this little bean is growing just perfectly inside of me. For now, I am great with the plan... much better than waiting several weeks with no action.

Please keep us in your prayers for a high beta on Thursday afternoon! I should have results back on Friday.

Thanks to my gals who left me such nice comments this week... your support is so wonderful!

Happy week, everyone!

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  1. Just wanted to come by and let you know I'm thinking about you and I totally agree that action is better than weeks of waiting. They are the worst.