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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Holiday Blessing to Mr. D and Me

I used CBFM this month. Low, low, low, high, high, high, low, low, low. No peak... showing no real ovulation.

But - for once throughout this whole TTC journey - I listened to my body. I thought I felt like my body ovulated around Day 30. But, who ovulates on Day 30? Seriously, that is so late that I thought I was crazy for thinking my body was ovulating so late in the month (for me, anyways).

But, I thought, what the heck. We're going all out and trying just like we would any other month.

And, then... this morning, around 7:00 a.m., on the 42nd day of my cycle, but 12th day DPO....

I peed on a stick. Well, two sticks, actually: a ClearBlue Easy digital and a First Response Early Result.

And both tests were positive :) Pregnant!

I truly can't believe it. Mr. D and I stared at those tests for, what seemed like, several minutes before freaking out.

The day has been a blur. I called my Doctor, was quickly seen for two blood tests (HCG and progesterone level), and prescribed progesterone suppositories.

I am keeping myself from being extremely excited about this BFP until I hear some test results and progress a bit... I keep thinking, "don't get your hopes up, this could not work out, like last time, and then you'll be so sad." It's awful to hold myself back from a natural feeling of complete excitement and happiness, but once an IF-girl, always an IF-girl. I need to take it easy and let what's meant to be happen. Mr. D and I keep praying that this is real, and we have a sticky, healthy baby. For those of you I know in real life, please keep this only to yourself :)

This is an incredible blessing. :)


  1. YAY!!! So exciting!! Congrats! xoxox

  2. Congratulations on your BFP! That is so exciting! God bless you and your little bean!

  3. Thank you ladies!!! I appreciate the support :) XOXO to you!