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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

It is SO hard to believe I am really pregnant and we are just praying everything will be okay. IF is constantly on my mind... Am I going to be able to carry this baby this time? What went wrong last time, and are we doing enough to fix it?

My beta last Thursday came back as 55, which my nurse, Beth, said is "barely pregnant." But, still pregnant :) I think she and my Dr. were a bit concerned that my last AF started on October 23, and I am just now getting a beta of 55. However, I know I didn't ovulate until November 18 or 19, so a beta of 55 is okay. We are praying my numbers rise. My Dr. is waiting for my progesterone results to come back - I should have them mid-week, and then I am going to request another beta (I am thinking she'll prescribe one, anyway). The Dr. I've seen for years is coming back from maternity leave tomorrow, and I can't wait. She knows our whole struggle, and I remember her saying that when I get pregnant, she'll run any test she can to ensure everything is okay.

I peed on another First Response this morning and the lines were much darker than Thursday morning. Thursday's lines were definitely there, but today's lines were super dark. Mr. D was very excited to see that, as was I.

We're just keeping our fingers crossed and praying that this is it.


  1. Oh wow! Somehow I missed your last post! Congrats on your BFP! I'm crossing my fingers that your betas do exactly what they're supposed to! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy here for a whole 9 months!!! Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Awesome!! Hope those beta's keep rising!! can't wait to hear more good news!

  3. Thanks Allison and Jes! I am so cautiously excited :) I appreciate your comments!