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Friday, December 10, 2010

Holy Cow, This May Be Really Happening

Beta on 12/2 = 55

Beta on 12/9... 7 days later. Results came in this morning =


I am doubling every 1.2 days or so. I can't believe it. I prepared myself for the worst... somewhere in the high 300's, thinking that I was just jinxing myself to pray for something in the 1,000's. No more HSGs needed... we're moving on to the ultrasound since we've now well-surpassed 2,000.

The nurse triage was super busy today - they had some nurses call in sick - and the nurse who called me was from a sister clinic. She said after reviewing my file, she knew I struggled with infertility and she needed to prioritize her call to me (thank you, thank, you, THANK YOU, kind nurse Maureen).

She told me that my results were "really good", and when I asked for the number, I literally about fell out of my chair when she said 3,328. I made her repeat it to me, and she goes, "yay! I knew you'd be excited - congratulations!"

So, onto next steps! I have never made it this far and still am in shock. I think I will continue to be in shock until I see our beautiful little bean on an ultrasound.

I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate my blog friends... you gals are the best and I so appreciate your support, thoughts, and comments. Thank you!!

Happy weekend, ladies. We're preparing for some major snow tonight and tomorrow here in good ol' Minnesota (some reports say up to 12 inches!) ... should make for a white Christmas :)

Mrs. D


  1. So glad for the awesome number! Can't wait to see some ultrasound pics. :-)

  2. CONGRATS on your beta!!! I'm really excited for you. I've been following your blog for a few weeks, but just tonight realized your also from MN. Would love to chat more via notes, doctors etc. We're in a waiting period....we'll be starting IVF in the spring.

  3. I'm SO happy for you!

    Love, Katie

  4. Thanks, Ladies! I so appreciate your comments!

  5. so happy for you!! i praying for a beautiful ultrasound!

  6. Congratulations!!! awesome numbers!!

  7. Congratulations! Over from LFCA to say nice one!

  8. Came by from LFCA to wish you some great big huge congratulations!!!

  9. Congratulations! Saw your news on LFCA, and had to come cheer with you!