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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Live Here for a Reason, Right??

Ahhh. Gotta love Midwest weather.

Here in MN, the forecast yesterday called for snow late last night into this morning. We woke up this morning to a dry ground... hmmm. Maybe they were wrong and we weren't getting snow at all? No such luck. Two hours later, sheets and sheets of snow had fallen, and almost 8 hours later, it hasn't let up. I guess we're supposed to get 15-18 inches or so here in the metro area.

When the snow flies this time of year, it gets a bit frustrating. Last week, inches and inches of leftover snow melted, a result of back-to-back 45-50 degree days. You have to understand... when February turns into a "mild day" with the sun shining on a 45 degree day, there are crazy people who come out of winter hibernation. Tank tops, shorts, and flip flops come out of the closet. Not for me, but for the loonies I see running around the neighborhoods, pretending it is June. Then, a temperature drop of 30 degrees brings the snow back and we are in for yet another period of time where all we deal with is messy traffic, parkas, snow scrapers, and boots.

There's always a "teaser period" around the mid-February to mid-March timeframe, when even the finest of us northern Midwesterns, meaning the ones who were born here, raised here, and aren't leaving anytime soon, start thinking, "Wow, winter must be over! I bet we won't be getting any more snow." I think it's the cabin fever that gets to everyone where we all start foolishly thinking that summer is right around the corner.

But, after 12 inches already in about 10 hours, and much, much more on the way... summer won't be here anytime soon. :(

Crazy enough, I love this place. Not only do I love it for the obvious reasons (family, friends, established careers, and lives are all here), but I love it for the weather, too. We truly get the best of every season.

Beautiful, blooming, warm spring times.

Hot, sunny, gorgeous summers.

Breathtaking, colorful, crisp autumn seasons.

Oh, yeah, and snowy, cold, dark winters.

Come on spring, I'm waitin' for ya.

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