The Journey to a Little One to Call Our Own

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updates from the Week

So, we didn't get the house. The house was beautiful and very under-priced... exactly what we're looking for, but unfortunately, there were also other parties interested. It was on the market 2 days, and we knew we needed to move fast. Our offer was in by Monday night, and by Tuesday afternoon, there were 3 offers on the table... one of which was ours. We learned that the owners purposely priced low to encourage a bidding war. The selected offer wrote for $10,000 more than we did, covered closing costs ($9-12,000) and would close in March. We would be open closing to ASAP, but ideally want to wait until spring (no snow/ice) to move. So, we lost out. I was really bummed for about 3 hours, but have moved on. We'll find something... the inventory will open up in the spring, and I am confident we will find what we want at a good price.

The week has been good... I've been working at a different location this week, which has made the time fly. Our next Dr. appointment is on Monday morning. It's officially our 2nd OB appointment, and we're looking forward to hearing the results from our NT scan on Monday.... oh, and hearing the heartbeat again. That sound never gets old :)


  1. Disappointing about the house, however if only one thing is going to go perfectly this week I imagine you'd pick the ultrasound over the house! There's more houses out there. I'm glat that on balance it's been a good week.

  2. Sorry that you didn't get that house, but I know when the time is right you will find the perfect house for your growing family! I'm so glad all is going well for you! Thanks for your encouraging comments. :-)

  3. So sorry you didn't get the house. Another one will come your way though. Good luck at your ob appointment!