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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, Baby D

Oh my gosh, what a day! Seriously, one of the best in a LONG time. I'm exhausted :)

Started out the day with a huge snowstorm. Not out of sorts for Minnesotans, that's for sure, but we haven't really had a ton of snow in the last month, and people seem to forget how to manage their days with the snow. So, when 3-4 inches dropped before 8 a.m. this morning, it was enough to mess up the roads and delay everything.

Got to work, got some things situated for the week, and took off around noon. Mr. D picked me up, and it was off to grab some lunch before our big appointment.

So - got to the ultrasound about 20 minutes early for my 2:15 appointment. Our Realtor called my phone at about 2:05. He received my e-mail from last night. Basically, Mr. D and I have been house-hunting since we sold our house last September. Of the over 400 that we've seen online (literally, 400), we narrowed down to 4 being our favorites. One of these houses had an open house on Sunday that we stopped by. Fell in love with the house, e-mailed our Realtor, and he was calling to let us know that not only would we need to act fast, but this was indeed the deal we thought it was and we needed to get into the house today if we wanted to place an offer.

Snap back to reality. It's now 2:10. I told our Realtor we'd call him back. Waited another 15 minutes for my appointment. This whole time, Mr. D and I are going back and forth between, "are you as excited as I am to see the baby?!" to "holy crap, are we really going to go look at the house again... what would we do if we like it?"

2:40. Mr. D and I went back to Ultrasound Room #2 and Jenna, our very efficient ultrasound tech, told me to keep my clothes on and lay on the table. I thought for sure that it would be another trans-vaginal ultrasound, but nope! She squirted the gel on my tummy and within a second of placing the wand on my abdomen, there he/she was :)

Mr. D and I gazed up at the TV screen, watching our little baby breathe. The heart was beating, the baby was moving... the baby was alive! A huge weight was lifted from my chest. Our little baby bounced around the screen as Jenna took some measurements. I measured at 12 weeks, 4 days... 2 days ahead of schedule. The heartbeat was 162 bpm. Jenna looked in between his/her legs, but she said she would just be guessing at the gender at this point... so, we'll wait till mid-March to find out for sure. The baby lifted his/her hand to its forehead a couple times... so cute :) Jenna got this super-adorable picture of the baby smiling... seriously, it's like the biggest grin I've ever seen. My heart melted and it's official... I love this baby so much. It's so crazy... one month ago, the baby was barely a gray spot on the screen, and now he/she looks like a baby... arms, legs, tummy, head, lips, nose, eyes, ears... it's amazing. I will try to post scans of my u/s pictures soon :)

So... another post for another time... but, we then ended up going through a private showing and writing an offer on the house that we love. Mr. D and I were in shock from this whole day, and we are waiting to hear back from the owners on whether or not they are going to accept or counter our offer.

I am exhausted and going to bed, but wanted to post quickly. Not that it wasn't already official that I am pregnant, but it is SO real now. Hello there, Baby D, we can't wait for you to join us... we've waited a long time for you, and we love you already :)


  1. Such a good post. I am crying.
    Partially because it was such good news and partially, because I have been really emotional lately!
    Not to undervalue you and your post, but I have been crying at the ASPCA commercials too!
    I hope you get the house!!!!

  2. WOW!! You must be so overwhelmed from such a special day that I'm really quite touched you took the time to write a post before going to bed - and so pleased!! What a day to remember!!! Can't wait for a photo or two of Baby D - and if your offer is accepted maybe a photo of the house too??

  3. Wow what a great busy day. So glad baby d is doing well. Good luck with the house offer!

  4. You make me so happy. I'm really excited about the house offer! And I have to say I feel the same way - it's SO real now. I am completely in love. Glad to hear I'm not that late to the party : ) The last couple of days I've thought I felt movement. Hard to tell if it's the baby, but it makes me smile every time.

  5. Sounds like the best day ever! :-) I am so happy and excited for you. Things are really falling into place! Enjoy every second of it.

  6. What an eventful day! And exciting! Yay for healthy, active babies and great houses!!!

  7. That is one crazy, wonderful day! Congrats on the ultrasound and the offer! Good luck with the house....

  8. Thanks, everyone! It's a whirlwind... but a good, exciting whirlwind. I am loving it, and happy that Baby D is healthy :)