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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You've Got Mail

I am absolutely honored that I've noticed a few new visitors to my blog... welcome! Whether you stumbled upon this by searching out IF blogs, I sent you the link personally (highly unlikely... only a few people in my life actually know about my blog and/or struggles), or simply want to stay connected to have a friend in this entirely crazy world of TTC, welcome and I hope you keep stopping by. This blog has turned into my little home on the Internet. Leave me comments - we all need reassurance and support through this adventure - and you can be assured that I will be stopping by your "home" to give you support.

Okay, changing the subject.

You know what I love? Getting the mail. Maybe it's because everything is so digital now that Mr. D and I rarely get pieces of unsolicited, personal mail. Mail is rarely fun anymore. I'm kind of addicted to getting the mail. After work each day, I rush to the mailbox to see what's inside. I was expecting bills and junk mail, but yesterday, the mail surprised me. Guess what showed up in my mailbox? Three things:

1. A bill for my lapraoscopy surgery. More about this in a second.

2. A box of Enfamil formula from a popular "new mom" magazine. Barf. Ever since I signed up on one - yes, one - "new mother/baby" website when I was expecting back in January, I receive magazines, pamphlets, coupons, packages, and other random baby-related mailings. I tried to remove my address from their website, but somehow I still get horrible, painful reminders sent to me through these lovely, cute care packages. I've checked back with this company to ensure my address has been deleted, and they've assured me that they don't have me in their system. But, obviously, somehow, somewhere, they do. It's like a mean, gut-wrenching, dirty trick every time I see a package and get excited, only to be saddened that it's another damn reminder of something I still can't use. My advice? Don't sign up for anything baby-related until after the first trimester.

3. An autographed book sent to me by a well-known speaker and leader in the MN area. I went to a speaking engagement of his a few weeks ago, and he sent me a copy of his book. I can't wait to read it.

Back to #1 above. I already received a bill a couple of weeks ago. Not really looking at the specifics, I assumed that it was the one-and-only bill I would receive for the surgery. After all, I had confirmed what I thought to be my portion of the surgery cost with my insurance company prior to the procedure. The bill was for $48.24. No problem. Paid. Done.

Well, not really. I guess that was just for the anesthesia. The surgery, separate from the first bill, was over $1000, and we owe $312.52. It's no problem, but geez.... I think I need to go back and check my insurance plan. I thought they would cover way more of this, given it is a surgery that my RE and regular Dr. "prescribed." We have really good insurance... even the financial coordinator at my RE office mentioned that she thought we had great coverage. Anyone else had a similar experience?

I am going to be chatting with the insurance people soon... with potential IUI and - maybe - IVF coming up, I want to make sure we know what we're getting ourselves into financially. We've been saving a lot, and can figure out whatever we need to in order to make this happen, but boy, does it get pricey. I haven't keep track, but between co-pays, procedures, HPTs, ovulation kits, monitor.... and the list goes on.... we've had to have hit the $3000 mark this year.

But if all of this allows us to conceive, carry a baby, and bring a child into our family...

It's beyond worth it. Financially, emotionally, physically, whatever.

We just want a family.

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