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Friday, May 14, 2010


Does anyone actually wait the full two weeks prior to checking for a BFP? Seriously. I mean, the 2ww is torture :) All you want to know is... am I or not? (Think of the First Response HPT television commerical here, where the lady with the bown short hair is leaning on her hand, and has this serene, serious look into the camera as the voice over questions, "Pregnant? ---LONG PAUSE--- or not?" Cracks me up every time.)

So, as if you haven't guessed, I am officially on the 2ww. And, man, is it tough not to pull out one of those HPTs and dip it into a Dixie cup full of my pee. HPTs are addictiing! I am really bad... last month, I tested 6 different HPTs, starting on 4 DPO. I know better than to test 4 days after the big O, but I got so excited. It didn't help that one of my best friends told me, "You should totally start testing. I got a BFP at 3 DPO." Not sure if she miscounted, or truly did see a positive on 3 DPO, but statistics show that is pretty rare. I found an awesome website: that shows statistics of how many pregnant women actually got a BFP and on what day DPO it showed up positive. It helped me understand that, yeah, I probably need to wait until at least 9 DPO. Saves money and heartache.

This time, I am really challenging myself. NO HPTs UNTIL NEXT SATURDAY. There. I've said it, so now I need to hold myself accountable to it. Next Saturday is 10 DPO, so hopefully I will see a slight-to-definite positive line... that is, assuming, hoping, and praying that I am indeed pregnant.

Did everything in our power to conceive... BD'ed strategically as much as we could without feeling like Mr. D had little to no more to give.

It's up to the Lord now. Please, God, grant us this miracle.

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