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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ovulation Cheer

Yes, that's right. A cheer. Totally my style, coming from a long history of participating in and coaching dance and cheer teams. I need a little pick me up, so here it goes.....

Just kidding. I woudn't really write a cheer to encourage my body to ovulate. But, boy, am I thinking about it. It's day 17, and I should be O'ing any minute now. Most women O around Day 14 or so, but through this whole process, I've learned that I ovulate kind of late.

Feeling a ton of pressure and cramps. Mr. D and I have been BD'ing for 3 straight days. Being on Clomid, my Dr. told me to BD at least every other day from Days 10-17, which I did, but now I'm looking back and thinking that I should have waited until Day 15 or so. Oh, well.

Plan will be to BD tonight, hope for a "Peak" tomorrow on my CBFM (I will be shocked if it still shows "High"), BD again tomorrow night, and maybe once more on Thursday night for good measure. That'll be sure to wear Mr. D out. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers to Saint Anne plentiful!

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