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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Renewed Energy

I'm feeling good. I'm on CD4 and feeling like this could be the month. I made the decision that we will move forward with the 100 mg dosages of Clomid this month, and I start tomorrow. The only thing I am planning to change is how much BDing we do between CD10-17. I know the instructions (and my Doctor) tell me to BD every-other day between these days after taking Clomid CD5-9, but I think what has happened in the past two months is that we've depleted Mr. D's reserves. By the time I peak and O around CD19-20, he doesn't have much more to give. And I've learned by using my trusty CBFM that I O later than the average CD14. So, time will tell what this month brings, but I think we will start the every-other day BD process around CD14 or 15.

I've been reading a ton. I have found online comfort in reading about others' experiences, and although I never wish upon anyone that they are in the same situation as us, there is a piece of me that is finding comfort in knowing that it's not just us. There are so many women who struggle with the same questions, feelings, and emotions... and document them the same way I am. The TTC community is pretty amazing... there are so many wonderful support networks, encouraging couples, and sources of knowledge. I hope we graduate to the "Expecting Parents Club" soon (this month, Lord?? Please?!), but in the meantime am feeling a renewed spirit this month. I know our time will come when we will be parents - we just need to keep having patience, keep trying, and believe.

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