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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Waiting Game

Sunday. 10 DPO. My CBFM started flashing "m" this morning, and I almost shed a tear. I know there's still hope for this cycle, but not sure the chances. Three HPTs this morning resulted in negative. AF is supposed to show up on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I will keep my head up. It's just so hard staying optimistic if it's a bust this month. I will be so emotional.

But... on the optimistic front, my boobs (nips) really hurt, and no sign yet of AF, so I know it's still a possibility. I know this is out of my hands, and I need to be patient and trust that He will figure this out for us, but what a rollercoaster. I am exhausted!

Here's to keepin' the faith... (isn't that a country song?!)...


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