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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My CBFM Isn't Happy With Me...

I totally overslept and missed my window to test. Crap. In 4 months, I have never missed turning it on, but this morning, my body just could not wake up after the stress of this week, and I missed my window by 30 minutes. Anyone else experienced this?

It showed me a prediction of "low" again (Day 12), which is accurate - so, I think everything is okay and we can just jump right back in tomorrow morning. But my perfectionist tendencies are kicking in, making me think, "Holy crap, you just messed up the whole cycle because your body just couldn't wake up. Why didn't you set an alarm?"

Oh, well. Mistakes happen, I guess.

Good news, blog friends... I made an appointment with an RE! Friday, July 30 is the big day. Either I will know I am pregnant by July 30 and may not need this appointment, or will be, yet again, confused and frustrated, and dying to get in. Either way, timing is perfect.

This RE, Dr. E., came highly recommended by my current Doctor, so I am excited to meet her. I think we've now completed all the tests we can prior to starting with this particular RE, so I hope we're in a good place. Dr. E., here we come!

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