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Monday, July 5, 2010

Change of Focus

Time flies when you're having fun.

Or, maybe not having fun, but being crazy busy. I'm already 8 DPO, and it feels like I just got AF. We've been SUPER busy getting our house ready to hit the market this week. We've only lived here for 4.5 years, but it's amazing to me how much shit we've accumulated in that amount of time. We've made at least 4 trips to Goodwill, and numerous runs to our U-Haul storage unit. The manager of U-Haul, who we've seen on every trip to our storage unit, even commented yesterday, "Geez, how much stuff can you pack into that 5' X 5' unit?" Mr. D is a master organizer, so we've managed to store a TON of stuff, and still have some quality room to work with.

I decided against the Clomid this month. I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should put my body through it once again, and finally decided against it. It just freaks me out. Plus, with the HSG coming up this week, I kinda wanted to give my body a break. I feel good about that decision. I just hope I can ovulate this month without it.

From now until Thursday, Mr. D and I are crazy getting ready for the "for sale" sign to go in our front yard. We are praying that this place sells... fast.

I'll post after my HSG on Thursday. Wish us luck!

NOTE: I was reminded the other day by one of my good friends who knows about our infertility process that, in so many words, people have way bigger problems than not being able to get pregnant and I should consider myself lucky if this is one of our biggest struggles. The point of this blog and me sharing our story is to be able to vent about this emotional process, not to give the impression that our problems are any worse or larger than other people's issues. So, if you stumble upon this blog, or read my posts and think I am complaining about problems that are tiny in the grand scheme of things, please know that following this journey with me is completely voluntary, and my point of writing is very selfish... it's for ME to express MY feelings - NOT to belittle anyone else's bigger problems.

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  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog....
    I read your post about the HSG. Mine was not painful. (I just had some mild cramping) It was however, mortifying for me. But that gets better too. Good Luck with the HSG!! And good luck selling your house!!