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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Day

I woke up around 6:15 this morning, peed on my CBFM stick, and to my surprise.... PEAK.

And what did I do about it?

Absolutely nothing... so far.

I was glad to see that peak, though. It means I ovulated - WITHOUT the help of Clomid! I am finding relief in that, given that my Doctor continues to want me to take it. If I can ovulate on my own, why would I need Clomid anymore?

I showed Mr. D my CBFM this morning, and his eyes grew large. "Should we do it before work?" was what we both contemplated, and finally (hoping I don't regret this decision), I said, "Nah, it's fine. Whatever. Let's just do it tonight."

In months prior, I would have taken Mr. D by the hands and escorted him to our bed immediately. This month (and I don't know why I am so passive), my attitude is much more "it is what it is". We'll for sure BD tonight, but did we miss our window of time? Who knows. I'm not stressed out about it.

My new Blogger buddy, Jes, just posted an awesome piece titled "maybe i am a bad friend". I need to reflect on her post and my own personal struggle with this some more, because I totally feel the same way. I've felt that way with my own friends (and, to some extents, family) for awhile now, and have thought for quite some time that I need to put my feelings and thoughts into words. I need to think some more about it... I think it will turn into a post at some point. Nonetheless (don't you love that word?!), thanks, Jes, for inspiring me.

Off to grab some late dinner....

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