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Friday, October 15, 2010

Farewell to my OB/GYN

NOTE: Today is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day. It is SO important to those of us going through IF, pregnancy, infant loss, or anything in-between that people actually recognize that fertility in any capacity is important, and we need to support one another and be supported.

Here's to all of our dreams, hopes, and prayers. We'll get there.


Funny that I achieved a big milestone today.

This afternoon, I saw my doctor who performed my surgery for a post-op visit. I officially will not see her anymore - that is, until we conceive. Ironic to me this door of our IF journey closed on National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day.

After a quick conversation about my progress since surgery
, a cervical exam, some gentle pushes on my tummy, and check-up of my raw incisions, she pronounced me "healthy." It was something I pretty much already knew, but it was nice to hear from her that I'm all set to go. I kind of felt like Mr. D was great in the first place, and I have now finished my homework (surgery) to get me in the same place. We (and our internal organs) are as healthy as we can medically be, and we're officially ready to go.

I've now graduated from the OB/GYN clinic, as there's nothing else they can do for us. We won't be going back until we're pregnant. We're on to our full focus being with our RE.

There was this weird pause after my exam. I am sure my doctor was thinking, "What do I say? Good luck? Best wishes? Glad I didn't have to take out one of your Fallopian tubes?"

But instead she said:

"You are in my thoughts and prayers. We'll all be talking to The One Upstairs [as she pointed upwards] and hoping that the next time you come in, you have exciting news to share."

I held it in long enough to say "see you soon" (not goodbye) and walk out of the clinic.

And then the tears began...

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