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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I.U.I, I.V.F, I..... what?

My follow-up appointment from surgery was rescheduled to Friday, 10/15, due to my Doctor being sick on Monday. Overall, I am recovering just fine, and I barely even notice that I still have fresh incisions.

Our appointment this morning was with Dr. E to discuss next steps.

So, let me just say that it's amazing to me how Doctors remember their patients. We've met Dr. E only once before, and the first thing she asked me was, "Was the lapraoscopy a better experience than your horrible HSG?"

I get that Doctors make notes of meetings they have with patients (they actually snapped a picture of Mr. D and me to put in our file on our first visit), and likely remember a lot about the patient specifics, but I was impressed. According to several print and online sources, I am seeing one of the three top REs in Minnesota. So, she's a busy gal. She must see 100 infertile women a week. It made me smile that she actually remembered us.

Or, maybe she just remembered how horrible the HSG was for me.

Anyway, we reviewed the pictures and summary of my surgery. Apparently, I have "beautiful" reproductive organs with no adhesions, endrometriosis, blockages.

Seriously, let me pause here. What a blessing. So many women deal with issues with their reproductive organs... I am so incredibly thankful that mine are in good condition.

Dr. E basically told us - in so many words - that between Mr. D's semen analysis, and the condition of my ovaries, tubes, and uterus, we are perfect candidates to conceive and be able to carry.

The one item that is outstanding - that she can't help us test without further trial of different treatment plans - is the functionality of my tubes. Both tubes are clean, healthy, and clear, but nobody knows if they are actually serving the purpose of carrying eggs to my uterus.

We started talking through IUI and IVF options. Mr. D and I were prepared for Dr. E to tell us that we needed multiple rounds of IUI, which is common in infertility treatment. But, given our health, ages, good results on testing, and overall good structure for conceiving, she recommended the following treatment plan:

1. IUI - as soon as I get my next period. If pregnancy is not achieved on first cycle....
2. IVF

We walked away with a TON of information, pamphlets, referral for counseling, and financial resources. I've breezed through all of it, but overall, we are pleased with the recommended approach and will be starting IUI cycle #1 as soon as AF arrives. Of course, we'll be praying that AF never does arrive, and we conceive this month, but while we are hopeful, we are also trying to be planful for Plan B.

If we do not conceive with this cycle, I should get AF around Wednesday, 10/20. If that is the case, I call the clinic that day for next day baseline ultrasound, and begin the process. If IUI #1 is unsuccessful, the recommendation is to move to IVF.

After 21 months of this IF crap, we are completely onboard with this approach.

And so it begins. I still close my eyes sometimes and think, "Really? Are we REALLY going through all of this??"

The answer is yes. I'm not sure what I think about it all yet, but I know this is our path.

We just hope the path leads us somewhere.

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  1. it's so crazy mrs. d!! we have both been TTC for the same amount of time!! 21!

    happy to hear your appt went well. i like your dr.'s approach and the fact that she is not interested in wasting any time. when we met with our first RE the meeting was similar, only 2 IUI's as opposed to one. but really, i don't see the need in wasting a whole bunch of time, if you are willing and can make it happen financially, it just makes sense.
    also, as i moved on to IVF, there were so many people i spoke to who thought moving on was good. people who regretted waiting a while to do IVF.
    Congrats to you and your beautiful reproductive organs!! Now it's time to put them to WORK!!!